Theme Park Board Game Design Blog – Week 6

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the flow of the game in general. I think I’ve come up with some rules that will help guide and constrain players to build exciting things.


  • Themed path pieces must touch at least one other path of the same theme
    • This makes it so that players must make continuous paths for each theme, preventing them from placing individual paths in places that don’t make sense
  • Buildings may only touch paths with matching themes
    • “Building” refers to any attraction, restaurant, shop, or show
    • The entrance to each building must be in the correct themed land (theoretically speaking), and to make that happen, the building must be touching a path piece of a matching theme

The goal with these rules is that it will lead players to design what looks and feels like a real theme park. I’ve found that players don’t want to worry about the details of real theme park design (such as placing bathrooms and other facilities, or backstage areas like maintenance bays). Implementing these rules should give players incentive to build parks smartly.


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