Theme Park Board Game Design Blog – Week 9

This week, I’ve been brainstorming a lot more about the economy and core loop of the game, and I’m pretty happy with a few of the new ideas I’ve tried out! I’ll go over some of those ideas in more detail here.

Player Actions

The idea that players have a set number of actions per turn is commonly seen in board games, and I think it’s a mechanic that would work well here. Some of a players possible actions include building paths, moving workers, or working on the construction of an attraction, shop, show, or restaurant. In its current iteration, players have four actions per turn and can do any combination of different actions.

Building Paths

This action simply allows players to build paths for any theme.

Move Worker

This action allows players to move characters like the foreman one tile in any direction, as long as they stay on the path. Workers give extra bonuses based on placement. For example, having a foreman next to a construction project speeds up the building process.

Work on Building

I like the idea that buildings take time and resources to build. This adds interesting strategies for players, such as making the choice between building several small attractions that you know will be completed before the next scoring round, or attempting to build a bigger attraction with more rewards, but that may not be completed in time.


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