Theme Park Board Game Design Blog – Week 12

This week, I’ve been doing more playtesting as well as getting some components ready for printing from The Game Crafter! While I don’t have all of the details of the game figured out, I’ve been preparing the ones that

In response to last week’s playtests, I’ve been doing a lot more brainstorming and research. Reading the The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design has given me a lot of insight into how other designers think about and create games. Also, while home for Thanksgiving, I was able to poll my family and friends about theme parks and board games. Since a lot of them have no experience with either professionally, it was interesting to see a side of things that I’d missed before.

I’ve also started focusing more on the data for the game itself. In the graphs below, for example, you can see how some of the different lands stack up as far as relative frequency/importance of rides, shows, restaurants, and shops for that specific theme.


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